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Why Visit Cork?

With the same vibrant spirit of Dublin wrapped up in a welcoming small-city vibe, ‘Ireland’s Real Capital’ and its narrow historic streets promise one of the most enjoyable experiences to be had anywhere in Ireland.
Thanks to a perfect blend of high-quality local producers and creative and passionate chefs, Cork has earned its reputation as Ireland’s Food Capital, boasting an abundance of award-winning food.
Learn about how the ‘Rebel County’ earned its moniker and the part it played in the Irish War of Independence by visiting sites such as the Military Museum at Collin’s Barracks, the Cork City Gaol where the revolutionary Constance Markievicz and other rebels were once jailed, or Spike Island, also known as Ireland’s Alcatraz.
You don’t have to travel far outside Cork City to discover spectacular countryside views and villages proudly maintaining their culture in Irish-speaking Gaeltacht areas of West Cork.